About Awomynous

Awomynous: (a woman us) Anonymous woman

According to Wikipedia:

In Old English sources, the word “man” was gender-neutral, with a meaning similar to the modern English usage of “one” as an indefinite pronoun. The words wer and wyf were used to specify a man or woman where necessary, respectively. Combining them into wer-man or wyf-man expressed the concept of “any man” or “any woman.”[3][4]

“Womyn” appeared as a regular spelling of “woman” in the Scots poetry of James Hogg. Its usage as a feminist spelling of “women” (with “womon” as the singular form) first appeared in print in 1975 referring to the first Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival,[5][6][7]

In today’s online world, and especially in my line of work, one must maintain a single, dignified, professional demeanor, tweeting and quoting informative and insightful yet not-too-controversial subjects (unless that is your online persona). One must be cordial, not post nude photos or rude comments about others (or themselves), and make sure their profile and identity and personal brand are easily identifiable and recognizable.

Fuck that.

This space is about my personal view. My beliefs. What I like. What I’m reading. What movies I want to see. Not what movies I’m supposed to like or what news article is informative and insightful to all of my connections on LinkedIn. This is where I’m letting it all hang out. I can be the geeky, emotional, artsy, techie, stoic woman I want to be.

Because I believe there should be a space where I can share my thoughts about feminism and Weezer and politics and The Muppets and architecture and periods and food and science, and let other women out there know that they are not alone in some of their beliefs and feelings and decisions, and yet not necessarily let my boss or my dad know I’m talking about irregular menstrual cycles. Because I want to talk about hard stuff like how I still miss my sister even though she was an asshole to me. Because I am tired of being polite and nice and strategic in my communications to the world, and just want to be honest for once, as messed up and contradictory and irrational as it may be.

Be frank, but play nice.


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