Pumpkin pie fail

I have been craving pumpkin pie for EVAR! But I can’t just go out and get a gluten-free pie anywhere, so I had to have time when I had
a) fresh pie pumpkin (I refuse to use canned)
b) time during the day
c) a sleepy or otherwise occupied baby

Today for the first time in over a week I had all three.

I usually mess up the crust, but this time I made at least a decent gluten-free pie crust, despite it being over-salted at first and collapsing on me a couple of times.

The problem was the filling. In place of the heavy cream or condensed milk usually called for, I used buttermilk. Normally that would be okay, but I foolishly tried to push the buttermilk a leeeeetle bit further than I should have.

And now two, TWO, gluten-free pumpkin pies are gone to waste.

Dare I say it again, FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

I want my pumpkin pie and I want it NOOOOOWWW!

I’ve got enough pumpkin goop I could make some more tomorrow, assuming b) and c) are still true tomorrow.

I hate pie fails. They’re not something I’m super good at anyway, so it’s just something I’m sensitive about.

At least I got the crust right.


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