Feeling better

Well, emotionally anyways. I’ve now developed several aches and creeks from sleeping on the couch in the afternoons while Ziggy takes her nap, but hopefully those’ll go away soon.
But it seems like the lactation consultation mojo is paying off; I no longer cry out in pain when I need to feed my child, and my nipples overall seem to be on the mend. Huzzah!
I have also determined that usually after 45 minutes the kid falls asleep enough I can put her down (better than being trapped under a sleeping baby for several hours).
With these combined elements, I am starting to actually like my kid again rather than be terrified of her. So things are definitely looking up. And no, sleep deprivation has very little to play into the temperament change. I probably got less sleep the last couple of nights than I had any night previous, and yet the boobs continue to heel and my love for Ziggy continues to flow, along with my milk – I have probably dripped as much milk on myself as Audrey has at this point, not including spit up. TMI, but welcome to motherhood!

This whole thing is still totally overwhelming and I will need to see how things are after the magic 6 week mark to see if I’d even want to do this again (I’m sure I will, but it’s like grad school – while you’re in, you wonder why the F#CK you signed up for this torture).


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