Well that sucks (work drama)

I just found out that due to restructuring, three of our team members at work are getting laid off. They’re on a different sub-team, and their sub-team is being combined/homogenized/whatever, meaning we technically "gain" five staff members working on stuff, but lose these three since they are now "redundant" as the British like to say.

To be perfectly honest I am happy to see one of the team members go; she wasn’t a good fit for the department and was a poor manager. But the other two are really good, hard workers, and of all the people in our office, to let them go doesn’t seem fair. I hope those two are found spots quickly either within the company or elsewhere; one of them was already thinking of applying for an opening in a different department. We wouldn’t get to work together, but she’s been with the company long enough that it would be rotten for her to start over somewhere else, plus she has kids and one of the only perks about working here are the benefits for dependents. But it takes sooooooo long to hire people in this institution that they may be out of work for awhile, even if they are in the process of being hired back in another department. At least they’ll have unemployment benefits to hold them over.

Our department has been changing, and recently shrinking, so much so that now it’s kind of scary. At first you could write it off as coincidences – people having babies, graduating from a specialized program, etc. – but now with the official lay-offs it’s just getting depressing. And of course I feel even more guilty to be going on maternity leave ANY DAY NOW, leaving the now ridiculously small team(s) we have to cover for me. I know it’s not my problem, but I still feel bad because I’m making an impact on a badly bruised team, even if only temporarily.

So, if you hear of any web editor/content management job openings in the Puget Sound area with a marketing/journalism focus, let me know and I’ll pass it on to my soon-to-be-former coworkers.

And just for the record, no news on whether the kidlet’s still too small, but I’ve been eating lots of extra quesadillas and ice cream just to help fill the kid out.


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