Things I’ve got going for me

I’ve been in somewhat of a funk and feeling sorry for myself the last few days. Mostly due to being tired and stressed out about impending parenthood. I’m overall still excited, but I’m reading into everything and anything, in myself, my husband, my friends, my managers, and getting really crabby. So I created a list of things I have going for me. They aren’t specifically “things I like about myself” or “things I’m grateful for” or even “what makes me smile.” It’s just more general “what’s going right” stuff rather than focusing on what’s going wrong.

I like my hair color, and the fact that it is wavy.

I like my legs’ shape.

I like that my fetus is active but not too active.

I am a good writer.

I am responsible.

I am conscientious.

I cook a wicked mac and cheese.

I can make a great meal out of leftovers.

I know how to suck it up and get the job done.

I am creative.

I am intelligent.

I am a good problem solver.

I am physically strong (and not just “for a girl”).

I am friendly.

I like that I have had an overall very easy pregnancy.

I like that I live in the region of the U.S. that I do.

I have a house I like, in a neighborhood I like, that I do not have to move out of for years.

I still have my mom and have a good relationship with her.

I have good taste in food.

I eat healthier than 90% of Americans.

I enjoy writing.

I enjoy nature.

I enjoy creating and the creative process.

I appreciate and am silly.

I am a hard worker.

I am versatile.

I work and play well with others.

Overall I am healthy. My child is healthy. My husband is healthy. My mom is healthier than she’s been in years.


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