The Reality of Being a Mom – from the blog Making Messes

The original post is titled “Competitive Motherhood” but the message I got from it wasn’t so much about how moms compete with each other (and they DO), but how a lot of moms try to keep up a good front and it’s a big fat lie. I don’t know if this makes me feel better or worse right now, but it sounds realistic:

There’s the space in every mother’s day where you feel guilty because you just want your precious babies to go far, far away from you.  The other day I looked at Shepherd after enduring the equivalent of Chinese water torture in whine form and said:  “Look, you don’t have to go too far away, but you can’t stay here.”    Sending Shepherd to his room to play with his (gasp) toys is the worst possible punishment you can imagine.   But, with motherhood, I find space is the constant strain.  You just want a little, but children are time terrorists and they’ll only point and laugh at you when you ask them to go play quietly.  Or they’ll oblige, but  come ask you for water and snacks at predetermined 2 mins intervals.  Sometimes I’ll hide on the hammock on the porch.  Sometimes I’ll hide in the bathroom.  If I were smart, I’d hide in their room because that’s where they never are.

But no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’re linked…

…I read blogs of mothers who homeschool, craft these amazing things and have a lucrative Etsy shop, shop vintage, dress hipster, wear red lipstick everyday and just look to be pulling it off without a hitch.  I hate these women and they make me want to bite my pillow.  And you know why… Because it feeds a lie.  The lie that it’s easy…

Read the full post.

Thanks for the reality check (I think).


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