My mom’s reply to my request for a pep talk

I love my mom, and here’s why:

You will be an awesome Mom. Trust me on this.
Early parenting is a snap. They cry – you hold, feed, and change their diapers. They don’t cry – you take their picture. They sleep – you nap. Easy
They won’t remember anything about this part, so if you screw it up, it won’t warp them at all. You have about 2 years to "practice" until their memory kicks in.
Besides, you’re the only Mother they’ve ever had, so whatever you do they think it’s supposed to be that way.
Take one of the newborn How-To classes your mid-wife can recommend. You won’t learn much, but you’ll see how stupid everybody else is, and you’ll realize that if they are going to be taking care of real babies that certainly you can too.
If there’s anyone half-way competent in there, latch on to her. You can compare notes.
Talk to other newborn mothers. Compare notes. A Lot.
There is no "correct" way to raise a child. Don’t even try.
Everyone will give you advice … ignore them unless it was something you were going to do anyway. Even me.
A couple of Important Parenting Tips: Don’t forget them somewhere (laundromat, grocery store, a bar, etc); don’t drive the car with them sitting on the top in their car seat. This may seem obvious, but when you’re stressed and sleep-deprived it is easy to forget you have them – they’re small, they’re new, and you’ve been leading your life for the last 30 years without them.
(Most) Dads are naturally less safety conscious than Moms. Learn to accept that or your blood pressure will be out of control.
Babies are amazingly resilient.
You can pretty much guarantee that the baby will roll off of something and land on the floor at least once, so don’t put her on top of the refrigerator
You will be the Best Mom Ever, and the Perfect Mom for (baby’s name here).
Enjoy the first few months, because once they learn how to crawl/walk they will make your life a living hell (trying to protect them from hurting themselves)
I don’t know if this is exactly a pep talk, but most of it is stuff I wish people had told me when I first had you. Actually, my best friend Lynn (mother of 4) did remind me of the no memory part, and that was a big help. Taking care of a baby is easier than it looks, and you’ll do an excellent job. If I had any doubts about that I’d let you know. Really.
I love you. You were The Perfect Baby, and yours will be too.
Love your Mother.

Thanks Mom! 🙂


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