I HATE dressing to my body type

There, I said it. I am rebelling against all the fashion magazines that have different body “types” (pear, hourglass, apple) and how to dress for them, all the television shows like “What Not to Wear” and all of the fashion designers by asking, “but what if I don’t LIKE that look?”

I understand the value of “dressing for your body type”. I do. I get that you can’t show off curves that aren’t there, and shouldn’t try to cover up curves that are. But what if I don’t like the fashion options out there for my body “type”?

I like my body. And it’s not all that uncommon, at least I don’t think: below average height, muscular, and hourglass: wide hips and shoulders but a definite little middle (well, except right now when I’m 8 months pregnant).

This basically means in order to dress to my “type” according to all the fashion magazines, television shows and so on, I’m supposed to wear form-fitting, frilly things, and preferably short to show off what little leg I have, but nothing that actually makes me look “muscular,” which I am.

But that frilly, curve-hugging, short skirt look just isn’t ME! I like my body, I am proud of my body, and I want to feel attractive in what I’m wearing, I just don’t feel like flaunting those short legs, little middle, and decent-sized boobs ALL THE TIME! My favorite style is basically the “ballerina” or “no boobs” look: loose-yet-somewhat fitting and flattering sweater, and jeans or leggings, or wrap-around skirts with flair that just make girls with big hips look bulky. Flats or sandals, hair tied back (I also have curly hair which requires more maintenance), like I’m trying to look somewhat presentable after dance or yoga class. I like loose, flowy stuff that isn’t too frilly. I also like wide, scoop neck tops, which make hiding your bra near-on impossible, and my breasts are just big enough that I definitely need a bra.

But I’m not a dancer or huge yogi, and I certainly don’t “flow” or “dance” anywhere. I am not “dainty.” I am a strong, tough, feminine woman! I lift weights, hike mountains, bike to work (when I can), and kickbox when I can find someone or something that’s willing to get whacked. I live a hands-on/gardener/handy-woman lifestyle on the weekends (or at least I strive for it), and there’s nothing like throwing on an old pair of jeans and a comfy sweater to head outdoors to start doing my chores and digging in the dirt.

But because I’m short with big boobs, wide hips and shoulders, I just look baggy. Maybe I’m just not being creative enough, but it seems like in order to not have to change outfits five times a day (one for work, one for gardening, one for working out, one for dinner) my option is fitted tees and jeans. That’s it. Not very convenient in the winter either.

So how does one balance this desire to wear what you’re comfortable in and yet still look presentable, even if it’s just running to the grocery store to pick up a beer after a long day working in the yard?

Answer THAT, fashion industry!


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