Does such a job exist?

As I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs at work (okay, actually scouring the internet for paint colors for our new living room, reading the news, checking obsessively to see if my coworker has updated any of her spreadsheets so I can start working on my stuff), I am realizing that even if I HAD work to do, the current work assigned to me is just not inspiring.

I have tried to fight it for years, but am coming to the realization that I need to follow my passions at work in order to be motivated, or maybe I’ve been trying to hone in on exactly the job title to look for and am now realizing it doesn’t exist.

So I’m asking the Internet: does the following job or kind of job exist anywhere?

Studying how people use space, and applying that knowledge in order to improve their experience within that space, ideally focusing on making the spaces more playful, creative, and productive either from a work standpoint or learning standpoint. Advocating incorporating natural environments and environmentally healthy practices.
Also cannot require an architecture degree, although I do have an advanced degree and my research has focused on animal and human enrichment, including traditional and creative use of space.

I would also enjoy working on product usage and design. But again, same problem that I don’t have a design degree.

Market research can sometimes venture into these areas, but not often.

I had thought that "design researcher" or "user researcher" would be good bets for job titles to search for, but unfortunately they’re often looking for someone who can build online testing, not study actual tangible products.

So, if you know of any company, preferably in the Pacific Northwest, that does this kind of work, let me know. I am aware of IDEO and some other companies in the UK that do this kind of work, and actually speaking with any of their employees would at least give me an idea of how to market myself to these kinds of companies.



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