Participating in public art and encouraging real life connections

I love the idea of this project "I Wish I Had Said Hello", and as soon as I have my house back in order I am so doing this! 🙂

As featured on WIRED:

“I was buying flowers, you complimented me on my white leather jacket”

You know Craigslist’s Missed Connections, right? The personals page where you log a brief interaction with a stranger who you hope to see again? The posts are a candid, wistful, often hilarious look at interactions — or the lack thereof — between people in the digital age, and beg the question, “Have we become so used to interacting online that we can’t say ‘hi’ in person?”

That question, among others, inspired artists Lisa Park and Adria Navarro to take these digital love notes and turn them back into physical markers. The pair made oversize stickers based on Missed Connections posts, then affixed them at the exact spot where the missed connection occurred. They document the entire project, called I Wish I Said Hello, online, completing the loop.


I Wish I Said Hello attempts to bring missed connection stories back to the public space in the form of street art.

Our goal is not to be another platform for reconnection, rather than a celebration of everyday poetics, a physical mapping of a digital network, a commentary on the role of technology in human communication.

We try to encapsulate specific encounters into stickers. We combine parts of the original text with graphical elements that resonate with it. We use a common, universal style derived from public signage, as well as shapes and colors that imply the digital origin of the story. Once the illustrations are created, we place them at the exact location where that missed connection happened and we document it on the website.

Currently, a series of stickers are installed in different areas of Manhattan, but our goal is to provide a method that’s simple enough for collaborators to join and spread the movement through other cities.


I Wish I Said Hello is meant to be a global project, and You can be part of it!

We’re working a good online tool that will allow to create missed connection stickers really fast, but meanwhile… here’s how we do it:

1. Choose or create a missed connection

You can do it from Craigslist or from your local newspaper or magazine. Or you can write about something that happened to you, or to one of your friends.

Ideally, the missed connection you choose should be poetic + descriptive + located

2. Create the text

Select the most meaningful sentences of the original text, the ones that summarize the whole story. Download our template and put them there!

Illustrator file

3. Print it on sticker or label paper

For our stickers we try to use bright colored paper, but you can choose whatever you have available.

4. Illustrate it

Use the description of the subjects from the missed connection to recreate the situation. Usually there won’t be enough information, so feel free to fill the gaps with your imagination!

If you have image editing software, such as Illustrator or Photoshop, you can edit the template before printing it. Otherwise just take a black marker and have fun.

5. Stick it!

Go to the location where the missed connection happened and leave your mark! And don’t forget to send us the picture :D


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