I like my job, but…

I find myself saying this phrase a lot. Is that common? Typical? I’m sure it must be. No job is perfect, even the ones you make for yourself. I just find that very often I will make some comment to myself about my job about how it isn’t working or isn’t working for me. I don’t think I’m a whiner, although I was certainly raised in the generation of kids that was told to find your "dream job" no matter how dumb or what the costs. So in that regard, yes, I am nit-picky. But I’m overall positive about my job, really. I just find some things that I’m sure are pandemic to large bureaucratic institutions.

For example, these are issues I ran into today:

I have worked in my current role for 9 months and am still amazed at how many people request to review and proof something as small as a "thank you" email. The typical approval circle will include a copy editor/peer reviewer, web editor or email marketing editor, brand editor, program manager, and my manager.
Part B: I don’t want to be seen as incapable of making my own decisions, so I try to avoid looping in my managers unless I think she (all three of them are she’s) needs to see it. Besides, she is often busy and requires prodding. PLUS if I loop her (any of them) in she often just takes over a lot of the process. So no matter what I do, I feel like I am not acting independent enough for my manager, or I’m worried I just got in trouble for not looping her in until the last minute when somebody realizes Ms. X hasn’t seen this yet.

Because it is a large bureaucracy, I have no idea who I should talk to about getting permission to post a flyer for my friend’s band on the community board. It’s locked so I can’t just tack it up there.

We are sending an email on behalf of Department #1 through Department #2. Department 2 requests that all emails be sent to them 1 week in advance (that alone is just crazy to me). Department 1 realized they got some phrasing wrong and requested through us at 9:30 this morning to have it corrected before Department 2 sends it out. As of 4:30 PM I have not heard any confirmation from Dept. 2 whether or not they’ll be able to make the correction for the email that goes out tomorrow.

It’s mostly just the following up (i.e. nagging) that is so hard for me right now with my pregnancy brain, plus I’m just not a very good nagger; despite YEARS of training by my spouse, coworkers, clients, etc., I always work under the assumption that people will get stuff done once they have been asked to (except clients; they’re default position is always "needs constant nagging").

One does have to be very demanding in order to get work done in a bureaucracy. I should see it as a license to be as self-centered (at least for work purposes) as I want, but somehow it’s just not in me. Damn!


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