Plants ‘talk’ to each other – World news, News –

Holy cow, if this is true and can be repeated in other lab settings, this is amazing!

People have been talking to their plants for centuries but now scientists have found that they can respond with sound and can even ‘talk’ to each other by clicking in their roots.

New research using powerful loudspeakers heard clicking sounds coming from the roots of corn saplings.

Plants are already known to grow towards light but the research found that when suspended in water the saplings grew towards the source of a constant clicking noise that was played to them.

Lead author of the study, Monica Gagliano of the University of Western Australia said that the research “opens up a new debate on the perception and action of people towards plants” which she suggested could perhaps be treated “as living beings in their own right”.

More also via Inhabitat:

Through a series of experiments, Dr Gagliano and her team found that the roots of young corn plants made regular clicking noises. They also found that when the roots were suspended in water, they ‘leaned’ towards the source of any sound that was “emitted in the region of 220Hz”. Interestingly, this is within the frequency range that the roots themselves emit.

The team’s research, published in the leading international journal Trends in Plant Science, concludes that the discovery of plant communication needs serious investigation as it “leaves serious gaps (in) our current understanding of the sensory and communicatory complexity of these organisms.” Gagliano also added that ”it is very likely that some form of sensitivity to sound and vibrations also plays an important role in the life of plants.”

Pretty amazing stuff!


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