Pregnancy brain sucks!

Pregnancy brain is real. Very very real. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!
And it sucks donkey balls.
I pride myself on having good memory retention and being on the ball, being able to multitask.
These days I feel lucky if I remember to leave with both shoes tied.
A sampling of pregnancy brain-induced issues I’ve experienced just this week:

  • Took my husband’s keys to work…as well as my own. (I have NEVER done that before).
  • Have forgotten to pick up dental floss at the grocery store for two weeks.
  • Forgot my MIL had scheduled lunch with us on Friday (she never confirmed, so technically we’re both guilty).
  • Forget about every fourth thing that is said to me; it must be written down or acted upon almost immediately after it is said or I will not remember you said it.
  • I get distracted WAY too easily at work, wandering off to other tasks in the middle of emails, editing files, scheduling meetings, etc.
  • I got distracted from writing this list.
  • I will EVENTUALLY remember if I acted on something that I wrote down, but it can take a few seconds for the retrieval program to kick in.
  • I have lost my favorite bra.
  • I have forgotten to pay three bills. I NEVER EVER EVER forget to pay bills. I may put them off or forget because they didn’t send me a monthly reminder like I requested repeatedly (thanks Dept of Edu! I sure as fuck remember now!) but I always remember to pay.
  • Forgotten to put glasses or contacts in to go walk the dog (at least it wasn’t to drive).
  • Forgotten people’s names. People I know and work with on a regular basis.
  • Constantly forget words. At least once a day I catch myself sputtering "not banana or mango but…" or "what’s a synonym for mercurial?" Yes, I can remember mercurial, but not fickle.
  • I miss easy typos, improperly capitalized words, etc. (and I am an editor!).

Part of this phenomenon is brought on by the recent chaos is of packing and moving and just general stress, but SOME of it is just sheer "lalala" "brain gone, come back tomorrow" syndrome.

I have lived with ADHD people my whole life, and in some ways I imagine they can empathize, but it’s more like an older person: you can’t remember where you put stuff, and then you get distracted by something while you’re looking for that original thing. Maybe an older person with ADHD? I’ll have to ask my mom.

It sucks. I know I’m being hard on myself, but it’s hard because I’m still relatively new at my job and I want to make a good impression, but really don’t feel like I am.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pee for the fourth time in two hours and then come back and wonder what I was working on and forget to post this. 😛


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