What’s going right right now

Sorry for the sporadic posting. There’s SO much sh** going on right now that I will have to share eventually, but right now I don’t feel like dwelling on it, so instead I’m focusing on what’s going right for me in my life:

Nobody’s dying or recently dead.
Baby is healthy and kicking (although I’d be fine if she kicked more).
Me, my husband, and everyone in my immediate family is (for the most part) healthy.
Nobody’s breaking up with me. In fact all things considered my friendships and marriage are fairly solid right now.
Work is hectic but manageable. And flexible/understanding enough to let me take off early or arrive late while dealing with this chaos (and I promise I’m making up the time!).
I have food in the fridge enough for my husband and I for a day, and a credit card to buy more, with financial assistance on the way in the form of payday and mommy loans (I LOVE mommy loans!).
The previous renters in our temporary abode left half a jar of Nutella, as well as some other goodies.
The housing saga continues, but as of Saturday without me being so involved.
I have been getting lots of good, healthy exercise loading (light!) boxes and furniture into and out of various containers of storage/transport, and walking the dog long distances.
I have friends and family who care about me and want to help out.
I made it out of the chaos of last week/month with only some minor emotional bruising (and hopefully Ziggy didn’t get phased).
My friends and coworkers that have been pregnant along with me are all starting to have their babies, and it is SO exciting to see these new families starting (plus it’ll be great to pick their brains for new baby tips)!
I am wearing a very cute outfit today! 🙂


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