Think homey thoughts

QUICK update on house search, mostly because I’m tired of talking about it with relatives and friends who mostly respond with "wow, that sucks!" and not much other help. Yeah, tell me about it! (For example, my dad keeps offering less and less money to help us out on rent/moving/etc., simply as a nice gesture that he doesn’t really want us to accept):

We found a third house.
I am the only one of all four members of the purchasing party involved that has seen the inside of it.
Based on my viewing, and my husband’s drive-by, we bid on it.
There was competition and it turned into a bidding war.
We went to our max amount.
The in-laws dragged their heals during the whole process, while eight hours ahead of us in a foreign country, because they were concerned about things and didn’t understand things like how exactly an escalation clause works and wondering if we really SHOULD go up to our max amount (they were willing to go $30,000 higher on the last place!), which in some ways is totally legit and worth debating, but in some ways was irksome because it was stuff that ANYONE who has bought a house in the last 10 years (which they have done, twice), should know about!
Our bid got accepted.
We have our inspection on the place tomorrow.
It is an older house with some updating, but no hint if it’s a rotten egg or solid.
We tried to get the inspection scheduled earlier, but couldn’t, which meant we pretty much had to pass on any 12-month lease options for now.
Regardless of what happens tomorrow, we are officially homeless as of June 1.
My dad suggested refusing to move out. Yeah, great idea, dad! Let’s get a permanent record for trespassing right before we buy a house and have a baby! Brilliant!
Most of our belongings are now packed by the grace of a good friend. I bought her off with frozen salmon and buckwheat flour.
No friend of ours is equipped to take us and the dog, or just the dog, into their home for a week let alone a month.
We finally determined we can store our stuff at my husband’s work.
We have no idea how long the escrow will take to close.
The house is owner-occupied so we can’t move in until they leave.
My husband is reluctant to spend money on a place to rent for the month, whether it’s a vacation rental or hotel room or summer sublet of some university kid who’s leaving for the summer.
My husband is dragging his heels, in denial of the whole process, so he’s not packing, asking people to help move, or anything.
I’m ready to kill him.

I’ll let you know how the inspection goes tomorrow, but right now I am just concerned about where I’ll be sleeping a week from now. Wish me luck.


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