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Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it had been since my last blog post until I posted the XKCD cartoon last night, sorry about that. I guess I’ve just been busy trying to figure out where exactly I was going to be living starting June 1. And unfortunately, I still haven’t solved that question.

In the past two weeks we have actually put bids on two houses, both of which were accepted, but something weird came along during the inspection, either the official inspection or the "in-law" inspection, which but the kabash on the whole thing.

Which means we now have just about 20 days to find a rental, finish packing, and move.

The whole experience has been pretty stressful and overwhelming for me, not something that is great for pregnant women. I had my feelings hurt by the MIL while she was trying to rationalize why she didn’t like one place, somehow managing to insult my parents and my judge of character in the process. I had to duck out of work to go see places and attend inspections, and communicate between the realtor and the in-laws and my husband even though they were technically all supposed to be communicating with each other, with a lot of hand-holding on all fronts. I put A LOT of work into scoring both of these places, and to not even get so much as a "thanks for the effort" from everyone else involved, not even from one of those people involved, is really disheartening. I profusely thanked the real estate agent for all of her hard work, for what it’s worth.

I’m still keeping my eyes peeled, but at this point I am NOT in any mood to continue house shopping, since that would involve needing to find a rental, put a deposit down that wipes out our savings, move, find a place we ALL agree on and want to buy, actually pass inspection, move again, and get settled into the second place in four months (or less!) before the baby comes.

Work has also been really stressful, mostly with one or two people, who have no authority to, yelling at me and my team for things we didn’t mess up on, or things they messed up on just as much as we did. I think that yelling phase is over for now, but it will remain busy with lots of opportunity for being yelled at from here on until I give birth. Woot! I’m just lucky I’ve got bosses who are understanding and willing to go to bat for me. But seriously, is that really all that the grown-up, real-world life of work is made up of, waiting to get yelled at or trying to not get yelled at? WTF?! What a terrible system! No wonder so many people hate their jobs!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. One of my friends took me out for a glass of wine (sssshhhh, don’t tell anybody!) after the second house bomb, and I’m just about ready to find a place, put a deposit down, and tell my husband we’re moving there just to not have to deal with coordinating with him in an also ridiculously hot rental market (gah!).

Pregnant women are not supposed to be dealing with this kind of stress. Ack! I’m being overall pretty sanguine about the whole thing, but I can tell eventually I’m going to snap, especially if my husband doesn’t start stepping up a little bit more. I know, I know, I need to be direct and ask him, but he should know that rather than bugging me about if I’ve found a place yet, he could also pull out the f-ing ads himself and start looking!

Thankfully my friend convinced me to have a packing party (you invite people over for wine and snacks and they help you box everything up), so at least I’ll have that excuse to get social and get help. I also have a friend who is working on her massage license, and there’s an open invitation to get a free massage whenever she’s available (which is pretty much only on Sundays, but it’s better than nothing).

So, that’s the end of my rant, but now you know what’s up with me and why the world isn’t fair. Now go out and have a great weekend! 🙂


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