Finally felt the kid move, and she’s tough!

I had been a little concerned because at 19 weeks (almost 20, woot!), I hadn’t felt anything that would have resembled a fetus kicking, hitting, or sloshing around in my uterus.

Finally, this week I was able to identify them, and they aren’t at all what I expected. It happened after a visit to my midwife, where he literally held the sonogram wand over my baby and while listening to the heartbeat we kept hearing wumping noises. He confirmed that was the kid kicking against the wand, and sure enough I felt a sharp pain right where the wand was. Apparently she REALLY didn’t like the noise the sonogram was making because she reacted quite violently to it, kicking it repeatedly so hard he had to move the wand away from her feet (it probably didn’t help that I was laughing at the whole situation).

A day later my husband was trying to listen to the kid, and I felt a sharp pain on my left and told him to feel there. Sure enough when he put his ear in that spot, the kid kicked him right in the face! 🙂

Everybody said "expect butterflies" or "it feels like hunger pangs" or "bubbles" or "wonderful," but this feels like I have a small stitch in my side, which is hard to identify as a baby when your abdominal muscles are already twinging and aching from getting stretched out. Or my kid is just ridiculously strong and is using a force that normal fetuses can’t muster until they’re a few months older. She’ll have to be careful though or I’ll be so banged up and sore by the time she is ready to come out I won’t be able to push (or my uteran muscles will be super-conditioned, hard to tell really).

So, in any case, I’m relieved that I finally identified my kid’s movements, even if they hurt (just a little).


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