I’m having a girl!

And more importantly, everything looks good and healthy! The kid has a great-looking spine, brain, kidneys, arm and leg bones, four heart chambers, a nicely developing diaphragm, and everything in the right place. She was wiggling her arms and sort of adjusting herself the entire time (of course I couldn’t feel any of it!), and was often resting her hands under her chin, "very thoughtfully," as the technician said. From what I could tell of her face profile on the ultrasound she looks pretty cute! 🙂

I’m excited. For some reason I was getting slight "boy" vibes, so I was a little surprised when there wasn’t a penis, but once we got done with the examination and everything turned out okay, we were both pretty happy.

I’ve never had fantasies about what I’d do with a boy or girl, well, none that differ much. I’d take them both out to play in creeks, let their dad teach them parkour, and help me make cookies. But now that I know I’m having a girl, I am getting kind of excited about doing girly stuff with her like play dolls (and blocks) and dress up.



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