Jobs a first grader (or possibly kindergartener) can do

I was having a very hyper-active day earlier this week, totally unable to concentrate on my very brain-intensive work. I felt almost like a first-grader or kindergartener trying to focus but it just not working. That made me start thinking about all the stuff that would make great lines of work for first-graders (and probably kindergarteners):

Author: able to write or at least dictate stories, draw pictures to accompany the story

Social scientist: Always asking questions, wants to know about different cultures and holidays, why some people have six grandmas, good at asking "but WHY?"

Biologist: willing to get muddy, go on field trips and collect specimens, dig up findings

Marketing/sales: convince parents, grandparents, whoever to buy stuff (specifically to buy you stuff)

CEO: knows exactly how to do things and who should do them

Animal trainer: likes working with animals, willing to spend time training them to do cool tricks

Book reviewer: reads non-stop, knows exactly which books are appealing for certain demographics

Toy designer: comes up with different toy ideas, designs them, gets to see them made

Food critic: knows what is tasty, what’s not

Travel writer: travel to different places, write about your adventures

Detective: wants to find out who REALLY ground the crayons into the backseat (not ME!)

Architect: designs buildings for different needs (playhouses, doghouses, fire stations), sometimes gets to build them.

Musician: stay up really late and play loud music

Dishwasher: little hands good for reaching into narrow cups, (although bigger plates might be tricky)

Gardener: plant seeds, water, pull up the weeds, eat your bounty. Requires patience, but only in short spurts so definitely manageable.

Artist: draw or paint pictures, create 3D sculptures out of Play-Doh, pipe-cleaners, whatever. Be praised for originality, make millions!

Speaking of artist, I really want to illustrate some of these jobs, but I’m not a great sketcher, so if anybody is inspired, let me know.
What other jobs would be good for little kids? Leave them in the comments below.


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