Housing Update (again)

Well, it just keeps evolving, so I figured I’d share:

My in-laws have decided that we shouldn’t be renting. Not sure why, but they think it’s a “bad investment” to rent, and it probably has something to do with us having a kid on the way. So, they’ve proposed an offer to us: they will buy a house that we rent from them for a year or two, and then once we get the rest of our housing stuff figured out (down payment figured out, house in Bellingham), we can buy it from them.

Uh, sure. If you want to buy a house and then rent it to us, as Kier put it, “Uh, sure, I guess that works.”

Except now we have 60 days not to find a rental, but to find a house we like and close on it (or at least find a vacant house we can squat in/rent until the deal closes).

And of course everybody wants ME to do it because I’m soooo good at that.

Yes, me, the pregnant woman with a full-time job, three occasional side jobs, and two organizations I’m volunteering with. Not to mention trying to pack/purge for the inevitable move (which Kier never feels motivated to do until the night before we move, or the day of, really).


Oh, and I’m still stressed after the visit from my dad. I should have known better, but he seemed actually tolerable the last couple of times we hung out, so I don’t know what the difference was this time. Probably just that I was pregnant and so he was particularly condescending/caring, and he was especially interested in “catching up” with me, which I never do because he criticizes 60% of everything I say, and I can never predict which 60% (for example, he didn’t like the more “normal” name we picked for a girl).

So I’m trying to remind myself I’d be just as stressed right now if we were looking for a rental, but there are some slight differences:

First, this is a house we’d have to be happy with for years. YEARS!

Second, we really less than 30 days to find a place, unless we just happen to get a place that miraculously closes in less than 30 days and/or they let us move in early.

Third, it has to be something that EVERYONE agrees on; not just me, but Rafe, his mom and her husband.

Fourth, rentals usually come on the market at the beginning of the month; you see what’s there, and if you don’t decide on something you have to wait till next month or settle for the crappy leftovers. With houses, they come on the market willy-nilly, whenever they feel like. It could be tomorrow. It could be two weeks from now (last minute tax break, who knows?). It has its upside, but you also don’t have as good a feel for what’s out there or what “could” be out there. I at least get panicked by what “could be” or “could have been.”

Fifth, Kier (and I, but mostly Kier) is very particular about where he wants to live, whether it’s a rental or a purchase. It has to be within a 20 minute drive to work which just happens to be in the middle of some very pricey neighborhoods, with a big yard for the dog, on a quiet street, and not a major fixer upper, for a pretty meager price. In a fairly major metropolis. Yeah, good luck finding that as a rental or a purchase; although if anything not having to exclude places because they don’t accept dogs makes the purchasing thing a little more appealing.

I also just hate the unknown; not knowing where we’re going to live in a couple of months. Not knowing if we’ll even find something we like. Not knowing how aggressively I’ll need to go after something. If rentals are any indication, VERY aggressively.

Let me know if you have tips, advice, or similar stories, and how you fixed them.


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