Catch 22 on Housing – Part 2

Well, it looks like the Catch 22 on our housing problem has been solved – sort of.

Our landlords got a “really good offer” on our rental house, and politely but urgently asked if we could move out by the end of next month. While Kier had his doubts, I am a softie and told them sure. So now our house hunt has moved up from “sometime this year” to sometime this month.” No time to purchase a place, no time to get rid of the dog if we wanted to place him somewhere (and not put him down), and barely enough time to decide what to toss and what to keep. Although frankly right now I’m in more of a “purge” mentally, with the idea that whatever I don’t plan on using in the next year can probably go.

Of course now I’m hopping on Craigslist and several other rental sites looking for places to live, and am stressed out about finding a place in a little over a month considering it took us six months to “settle” on this place (another reason I wanted to buy, because we’re so f*cking picky that we could have bought something based on location and MADE it more like we wanted). We don’t have anything in savings right now, let alone enough for a first and last month’s rent plus deposit, plus whatever pet deposit most places want these days. We have moved sooooo much since 2003 and I am SICK OF IT! I was really hoping that 2010 was putting an end to all the incessant moving around, but apparently not, since this place is probably going to be another “settle” which means we’ll continue for places to live in and around Seattle or just grumble about this place until we finally do decide to move out to the boonies, which realistically is going to be years!

That said, there are a couple of possibilities on the rental market already, and I think/hope more will open up at the beginning of the month. And on the bright side, at least it solves some of the moving problems regarding “when” and “rent vs. buy.”



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