My perfect job description


– One job that covers or explores a topic or subject area that I am passionate and knowledgeable about. One that makes me smile or say “wow, cool!” while I’m reading related work materials and articles, or compulsively cry out “bullshit!” when that article is wrong (so wrong!), and be able to list three solid reasons why (and have a hard time not writing back)!

Subjects of personal passion include:

  • play behaviors in animals and humans, and interactions in between species
  • human development across the lifespan
  • informal and “folk” learning
  • sustainability and conservation – curiosities range from architecture to photovoltaics to ecology. Try me.
  • creating more healthful, happy, playful spaces for people (and animals) whether it’s in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, or at work; for example, making cities more hospitable for humans by making them “greener” via urban farming, bike paths, and tree-lined streets.
  • Close seconds: Answering the questions “How do people use stuff?” and “How do people learn?” (see informal learning)

– A job that I am passionate enough about that I don’t mind putting in the long hours when needed, but in a work environment that understands your job can’t be your entire life. Busy work days that go quickly (sometimes too quickly, ack!), but balanced with full weekends and two weeks’ vacation (or more). Flexibility to work from home when I’m waiting for the new fridge to be delivered or my kid is sick, but I have a desk I report to most days and keep my notes, papers, references books, and other stuff.

– A job that involves writing, creativity, and research as main components of my job. Social media, public speaking, going to conferences, working with teams, some travel, getting outdoors often, photography, creating sculptures and getting to play with Legos are also considered perks.

– To feel like I am helping people, either directly (“here’s an apple”), to indirectly with sharing information about how they can make their lives better. However, I honestly do not really enjoy working with “the public” for long periods, and work better doing good behind the scenes.

– Coworkers and a team that I respect and they respect me. We get along, we get each other’s senses of humor, even go out for lunch or drinks occasionally. Leading and being lead both work fine for me.

– A job that allows me to continue to learn, but does not require me to go back to school for ten years and be a starving student unable to pay off my already heavy student debt or help support my growing family.

If such a job exists, please let me know by leaving a comment below or messaging me directly. Can’t wait! 🙂


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