Thanks for the clothes

Hey Sis,

I’m not sure if anybody’s officially told you yet, but guess what? I’m having a baby! Crazy, I know, right? Holy cow! I’m sorry you won’t be here to meet them, although they will definitely know about you and who you were and your huge impact on my life. Don’t worry, I’ll share mostly the good stuff.

But I thought you might get a kick out of the fact that you’re already helping out with my pregnancy. When you died, Mom encouraged me to take a lot of your clothes, including some things I never thought I’d wear since you were a larger size than me (yes, even when you weren’t heavier, you were just taller and bustier than me!). A lot of that stuff was loose or stretchy or had elastic in it, since you tended to bounce around in your weight the last couple of years (sorry, but it’s true), and of course always had to be fashionable no matter what size you were. As I’ve been slowly getting bigger I’ve been using those clothes I inherited from you to “hide” or at least adapt to my changing body. That light and loose aquamarine t-shirt you used to always wear is perfect, and your chevron-patterned stretchy skirt has been great for work. It’s still a little long right now, but I’m hoping the red dress you bought in Italy which I took almost totally for nostalgic reasons will be perfect once I get a little bigger (and it’ll really show off my new, larger boobs! 😛 ).

Anyway, I just wanted to share and remind you that you’re not forgotten and you do get to help out with me and your new niece or nephew, even if it’s not in exactly the way any of us hoped. Take care, see you around the universe.


Your know-it-all big sister


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