To The Unborn Children of Homophobic Tweeters

This is so sad that there are people out there like that, who curse their own unborn children and literally threaten to kill them for being gay. Not abort, kill. I know I will love my child no matter who he or she ends up loving. I agree with “raising my rainbow” that it is a hard path, and in that way alone I wish for a “normal” child, but in the same way I hope that my child doesn’t have ADD or dyslexia or isn’t missing a finger when he or she comes out. The chances are though that my kid may have ADD or dyslexia, or be gay. And I’m okay with that.
I know that honestly my husband is a little scared if we have a gay son, because he “wouldn’t know what to do with a kid like that.” But I know he would learn. He’d get over himself and learn to love the little guy as strongly as any child we may have some day.
If you are a gay child or teen or know someone who is, just know that there are people out there who will love you and do love you just the way you are, and you don’t have to settle for “sort of” love or conditional love. You don’t have to settle for abuse, manipulation, or name-calling in order to receive love. You deserve to be loved, period. It’s tough sometimes but keep searching until you find those people out there who love you. You deserve love and to be loved.

Raising My Rainbow

Dear unborn children of the 100 homophobes who tweeted that they would murder you if you are gay,*

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you got shitty parents.  Unfortunately it happens sometimes, though in a perfect world it wouldn’t.

I’m worried about you and so are a lot of other people.  While your future parents are thinking about killing you, we’re thinking about loving you.  Please always remember that.  You deserve to be loved, no matter what, no questions asked, unconditionally, whole-heartedly, not dependent on anything else.

I’m especially worried about the two to four percent of you who, statistically speaking, are homosexual.  I can’t sugarcoat it, you’re in for one hell of a ride.  Hold on tight and keep yourself safe.

Your parents are stupid enough to believe that sexuality is a choice and don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”  Never let them help you with your homework.

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