Curl up into a ball in bed day

Or evening. The day actually went fine. But today, within a half hour of coming home, not only was I able to break the TV further rather than fixing it, now ensuring a ridiculous bill for something that I SHOULD have been able to fix with $8 glue, BUT an outstanding parking ticket for a car we no longer own and was received courtesy of the new owner has now gone to a collections company, despite me contacting the city municipal court several times to try and get it cleared up. I am so frustrated with this whole bureaucratic bullshit I am ready to march down to the court and stand in front of the judge’s office until he does something to fix it, or actually hire a lawyer which would still cost more than this outrageous ticket and fees. It is just so stupid! And I feel totally helpless, and kind of like it’s my fault because I should have gotten the new owner’s full address, but I didn’t, ok, I assumed he lived in our city but apparently I was wrong because his name isn’t showing up in the court’s files and therefore doesn’t count, even though the department of licensing says it should! At least the tabs are due to expire this month, but then what? Will we get tickets for him driving with expired tabs? Probably! Nobody is giving me a straight answer on this and instead we keep getting his fucking parking tickets! AND now I’ve broken my mom’s Christmas present to us (well technically the dog broke the part off first, but I just broke the spring off that would have kept the whole thing together), and it will cost about half as much to fix the fucking piece as it did to buy the fucking TV! I want to fucking watch Glee and Bones on the actual nights they air, damn it, or it’s not worth having cable or a fucking giant TV!

OH, aaaannnnddd, to top it all off, for whatever reason everything smells like mayonnaise today. I like mayonnaise, don’t get me wrong, in fact I’m thinking it smells pretty good, but everything just tastes and smells wrong, so that ANY fried fat smells like mayo. What the fuck?!

I’m tired of feeling soooooo tired all the time. It certainly does not help my perspective on the above challenges. I’m not ready for the world to know I’m pregnant, but my husband really wants to tell his family, which means pretty much the whole world will know once they know, which means I’ll have to tell my boss soon, and I’m starting to get REALLY picky about what is tasty or not. Not nauseous, just really strong food aversions. Fatty pork is out, salmon is out, granola was okay but now it’s starting to be iffy, too much sugar is definitely out. Greens aren’t super appetizing but at least edible. Same with beef. And no gluten or rice, so corn or oats only. I’ve been eating quite a few quesadillas and corn with butter and nutritional yeast. I’ve been getting headaches if I don’t eat enough, but I’m not super hungry these days so it’ll catch me at about 3pm that I need an apple or something stat!

So yeah, curling up under the covers with a fruit smoothie or something on my night stand to nurse when I get hungry sounds really good right about now. But we’re totally cash strapped so even going out for more tortillas feels like a luxury…


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