Ugh. I had a headache and asked around the office for Tylenol. The other pregnant woman offered me Ibuprofen, which I assumed was okay because, hey, the pregnant lady offered it to me so it must be safe, right? Nope! Supposedly not a huge deal until the third trimester, but apparently because it’s a blood thinner (not as strong as aspirin), it’s not a good idea to take during pregnancy. Well, thanks a lot other pregnant lady! I can’t really say anything to her because nobody at work knows I’m pregnant yet, plus the moment’s passed, plus it’s just rude to lecture others about what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies. But I feel somewhat betrayed, and scared that I did something to f*ck up Ziggy. This once is probably not a big deal, just like an occasional drink is “probably” fine, but *ugh* I really am not interested in doing anything weird to this kid; hell I feel guilty I’ve been eating so much sugar and starch lately. (Yay, the guilt begins early!)


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