Relationship dynamics already changing, in a good way

My husband is on a business trip this week. He only gets to go on a couple trips a year, and they’re really his chance to go hang with "the guys" and talk shop with a lot of different, interesting guys in his industry, try new things, learn, and just immerse himself in that world. Because I’ve asked him to, he’ll usually call a couple of times while he’s gone and give a report that he’s doing okay, but he’s never been very interested in phone conversations and especially doesn’t like calling me from the road. It’s not like he’s avoiding me (except for one time in our 8-year history, but that’s a whole different story!), he just doesn’t think to disengage from what he’s doing to check back into his other world. I could be offended, but I’m sort of used to it and understand that desire to take a break from everyday life and just focus on the trip.

Last night, though, he called me well past midnight his time, just to check on me. It was only a five-minute conversation, with mostly me talking, but he wanted to hear from me and see how I was feeling, and if Ziggy was doing okay.

Not even two months into this whole process, and he’s already acting like a father. Awwwww….


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