Worry wart, worry wart, guess who’s a worry wart!

I went in for my first prenatal today (finally after some lovely scheduling snafus involved on the office’s end, but we won’t go into that. right now).
The doctor was very nice, seemed very competent, friendly, laid back, just what I am looking for in someone who’s going to be aiding me in shooting a baby out of my vagina in less than 8 months.
She drew some blood, swabbed my cervix, felt around my vagina walls (apparently I’ve very strong!), and seemed very pleased overall.
And now I’m bleeding.
Just a little. The doctor warned that she had poke me a little bit when she swabbed my cervix and I was now bleeding a teeny bit, and she didn’t seem worried. She even showed it to me with a mirror. So I didn’t worry. She assured me even before the poke that women often bleed at different times throughout their pregnancy, and so long as it didn’t feel like heavy cramping or gushing bright red, not to worry. So I didn’t worry.
Now I’m worried. A little.
I probably have no need to be worried. I doesn’t hurt, it’s not that dark, it’s not gushing. And yet I’m worrying, just a little, not full-blown anxiety, not even nagging, just the mental "Hmm, that’s interesting." Worrying enough that if I had any ideas of going to weight lift or do yoga tonight, I’ve suddenly decided the dog needs me and the couch with my feet up is just SUCH a better place to be.
Call me a worry wart. It’s my first pregnancy, I’m only 6.5 weeks in (found out from the doctor I was counting wrong. oh well!), and have another 6.5 weeks to go before I can be more than "a little" pregnant.


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