One of those days that I REALLY miss caffeine

It’s days like this that reeeeeaaalllly make me miss coffee.

My husband kept me up last night by elbowing me in the head repeatedly and snoring, which meant when I woke up I was under-rested and in the wrong part of my sleep cycle. It was so bad I literally felt stuck in a dream state for almost 45 minutes after I woke up (that’s a lot for me).

When I got to work, the one manager who I don’t feel like I’ve completely won over yet came to my desk and suggested I take a writing/grammar course. As a professional journalist/book editor/copy editor/thesis writer, that’s a serious sore spot for me. I realize after dealing with Kirsten that I’m not as magically good as some other people, but I never thought of myself as “bad.” Now I’m starting to.

Normally on days like this I’d be on my second (or third) cup of coffee and be able to medicate myself through it. But today I’m stuck with mint tea, and this downward spiral of sleepiness with negative thinking about how much I must suck ended up in me crying quietly at my desk. I don’t even think I can blame it on the hormones, although I might anyway.

I’m THIS close to going downstairs and buying a dark chocolate bar just for the caffeine, or going for a nice big steaming cup of black tea. A little caffeine is supposedly fine, although living without caffeine except for the occasional piece of chocolate has actually been fine until today. But today….ugggghhhh.


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