Does being awesome at one thing bleed over into other parts of your life?

With every new job I try really hard to make a good impression and show that I am capable and dedicated and get in good with the boss. It makes your life sooo much easier on a day to day basis (like needing to duck out early for a doctor’s appointment) and sets you up for other perks down the road. So far I think I’m doing a decent job, but haven’t had any standout moments (hey, I’m only two months in). That being said, I seem to have made a positive impression on my managers for other reasons, namely being strong and fit.

They saw my new years resolution to deadlift 300 lbs (which I have NOT worked on in the least since finding out I was pregnant; I’ve only got about four or five more weeks of heavy lifting too before I have to worry about loosened joints and need to go to lower weights!). The city I live in got snowed in and is not used to snow at all, yet it was a warmer, slushier day so not only did I come in to work while most everybody else stayed home, I rode my bike. When I mentioned it to my boss about this over email, her reply was “OMG, you’re awesome!” I lift heavy awkward things for people, and walk up 15 stories’ worth of stairs at least twice a week on my lunch break. I’m also short and feminine, which apparently wins you extra points if you lift stuff.

It could just be my perception, but it seems like my bosses’ overall opinion of me seems to have been improved by my overall strength and fitness. Is that weird? It’s totally non-work related, yet it appears to be the one thing that stands out to them about me. I’m technically 25 lbs overweight (still!), so it’s not like I’m built like a model or pro athlete and I’m being judged on beauty (which totally happens in the workplace!). They like me because I’m fit and buff.

I’ll take it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just surprising. Has this happened to anyone else? Have you been judged, positively or negatively, at work for your accomplishments outside of the office? Leave it in the comments below.


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