Stupid little golden child coworker

I know I’ve only been at my new job a couple of months.

I know she’s been here over a year, and has MAD skills and degrees that have nothing to do with her current job role.

But for some reason it’s REALLY irking me the way my manager is primping my coworker to take on a managerial role.

“I’d like Kiley [not really name] to look over this document and offer you some edits.” (She doesn’t get back to me for two days and when she does it’s really vague.)

“I just got an email from Kiley that reminded me of…” (I just sent an email on the same subject 30 minutes ago! Apparently you hadn’t had enough COFFEE for it to register even though you REPLIED!)

“I’m letting Kiley lead this project, so please cc her on this email.” (of which there is never any feedback from ANYBODY!)

She’s not even the most senior of those of us in this role. The other woman has shown NO interest in moving up in the 5 years she’s been here, though, which leaves…Kiley.

I know she’s next in line for a promotion. I know she’s shown her dedication to this department. She’s obviously capable but is afraid to step on anybody’s toes.

All I’m asking for is for my manager to either not be so OBVIOUS that Kiley’s the next golden child, or make Kiley more accountable for the stuff you’re asking her to do, not just vaguely give her more responsibility but not ask her to set up any meetings or offer REAL feedback or giving her some actual agency.



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