Reality Check For New Moms

8 months from now *knock on wood* I am pulling this blog post out again and reading it to myself, and hopefully through the hormonal chaos I will be reminded and soothed:

New mothers are often set up for failure. And they need to know that it’s okay to feel like you can’t do it all. If you want to nurse, great! If not, that’s okay too! Want to have a combination of both so you can sleep for more than a few hours at a time? I think that’s an excellent plan. Here’s a few other things new mothers need to remember:


It’s okay to not adore your baby every single second of every single day. Guess what? If you were crying and screaming for hours on end, your baby probably wouldn’t want to hang out with you either. Now, I’m not saying that they can help it, because they can’t. But don’t beat yourself up if you really feel like you just need an hour to yourself.

Read the full reality check at Why New Moms Need a Reality Check.


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