Week 6 and only miiiiild symptoms

*edit*: Ugh, I need to learn to count. According to some schedules I’m 6 weeks, but according to others I’m only 5…

As of today I’m 6 weeks, 2 days pregnant, and I’ve had only really mild symptoms so far. My boobs feel fuller and slightly more tender. I’ve had very mild cramping, increased appetite, and sleepiness/spaciness that sometimes makes me want to take a nap at 2pm, but last night I easily stayed up until midnight.

I know my mom didn’t have any major symptoms when she was pregnant with me, and while I know I should feel lucky, it’s also a little unnerving. There’s a slight increased chance of miscarrying with women who don’t have morning sickness. BUT, I also know that anywhere from 25 – 50% of women DON’T actually have morning sickness, or if they do it lasts like a week and they’re over it. So I’m just hoping I’m following in my mom and sister-in-law’s footsteps and not having morning sickness with my first kiddo.

Ziggy (the zygote) is now the size of a lentil, and by the end of the week should have little arm and leg nubbules. For some reason I just love the idea of Ziggy waving his little arm and leg stumps screaming “weeeeeeeee” whenever I ride my bike down a hill, or laugh, or eat some food he’s totally craving. I really am looking forward to bonding with this little guy (or gal, but apparently there are 105 boy births to every 103 girl births, so my chances of having a boy are a teensy bit higher, so boy for now) over the next few months, and I just hate the idea that I wouldn’t get to do that. Hang in there Ziggy! I’m willing to feel sick every once in awhile if it means you’ve got all the hormones you need to develop normally.


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