I Feel Spacey

Sung to the tune of “I Feel Pretty”:

I feel spacey, oh so spacey,
I feel spacey, mis-placey, and light,
like my head is
unglued from my poor body each night
I feel groggy, oh so groggy,
It’s alarming how groggy I feel

And I’ve been told
that it only gets worse from here

See the pregnant girl in that mirror there
(what mirror where?)
Who can that pregnant girl be?
(What one? Where? Who?)
such a spacey stare, sitting in her chair, half a mile glare, where can her brain beeeeee?
(Who, who, who? such a spacey me!)

I am floating, and I’m gloating,
I feel like running and dancing for joy,
for I’m growing my own pretty, wonderful boyyyyy (Or girl)!


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