Fan Moment: Darren Criss write-up in New York Times

Yes, I admit it; I am a full-on “Gleek,” a huge “Glee” fan. And I LOOOOOVE Darren Criss. Not even in a crushy sort of way; sure he’s cute and all, but I just LOVE him as a performer. I mean, c’mon, did you see his performance of “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story? Wow!

Darren Criss, a sensation on “Glee,” is about to make his Broadway debut. By PATRICK HEALY, NYT

So I was happy to see this write-up in the New York Times about his broadway debut:

Preparing for his Broadway debut on Tuesday night as the corporate climber J. Pierrepont Finch in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” Mr. Criss was leaping into the air during the number “Grand Old Ivy” and tucking in his feet as a dancer would. This drew a correction from the director, Rob Ashford, who wanted Mr. Criss’s feet to be flat and extend sideways like those of an outstretched marionette, because his character should lack finesse.

“What you’re doing is almost too good,” Mr. Ashford told Mr. Criss, who stood panting slightly in dress slacks and a blue T-shirt from his alma mater, the University of Michigan. A moment later Mr. Criss nailed the leap with precise imprecision.

There are few higher compliments on Broadway than being called a triple threat: a performer who can act, sing and dance to extraordinary effect. (Think of Hugh Jackman.) Mr. Criss is the latest to strive for this status, and the producers of “How to Succeed” are betting on him to an unusual extent. They are spending tens of thousands of dollars to rehearse and pay Mr. Criss for just three weeks of performances this month, before he returns to “Glee,” in hopes of molding him into a theater star they might build a Broadway musical around someday.

more at: ‘Glee’ Star Gets His Broadway Turn

As far as inappropriate crushes go, I totally have a thing for Damian McGinty, the guy who plays Rory McFlanagan the Irish Exchange Student. McGinty is ten years younger than me but soooo would have been my type in high school, plus he can SING, and, you know, the accent! Squeee!

Congrats Darren!


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