The benefits of not having goals

Ok, so I’m totally in “goal mode” right now: get fit, get financially stable, get in the “family way,” get fabulous! But it’s nice to be reminded sometimes that setting goals for yourself is a totally optional behavior. Really, really, truly. As the Stumptuous blogger so well put it:

What the fuck? When did we all become so obsessed with producing stuff? Do I really want to be able to make more stuff, faster? I thought I left that shit behind in academia when I got off the Publication Purgatory treadmill.

Over at Zen Habits, Joshua Fields Millburn’s written a very lucid piece on 100 Days Without Goals. It feels almost naughty even reading it, doesn’t it? That slackass! Where’s his 5-year plan?

News flash: The universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about your plans. You can either kick and scream against this reality, raging against the dying of your mathematically structured light, or you can get real, review the available evidence from your own experience, and accept that life is a change sandwich between two slices of chaos.

Read her full blog about not setting goals (or don’t, no pressure) at: Stumptuous: Rant 62 Goooooaaalllls!


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