I told you it was a learning process, right?

So, after I spent several days putting my thoughts together on that last blog post, I learned some new things.

One of them is that, um, apparently, according to science (*pshaw*), you can’t really create more fast twitch muscle.

Oh sure you can develop speed and quickness, and fast twitch muscles grow bigger than slow twitch, but you can’t really add more fast twitch. It’s pretty much a genetic luck of the draw.

In fact, all kinds of working out, including weight lifting, actually develop more slow twitch muscles.


Ok, so maybe my reasoning was flawed. But, from what I’ve researched about weight loss and body composition, that doesn’t mean my method is madness.

Everything I’ve read indicates that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, period. So muscle is good. Yes, even if you are a woman. I know of lots of women that are super strong and aren’t “bulked up,” so 95% of women really don’t have to worry about looking like a dude if they lift weights (plus the idea of being stronger than a dude is awesome, in my humble opinion).

High-intensity training, or the kind of exercises that my slightly-off theory would have entailed – sprints, weight lifting, box jumps – still seem to have more impact on weight loss than endurance and aerobic sports. There’s still some debate whether or not those endurance sports are better for weight maintenance, but even the running magazines are encouraging at least cross training with weights and high intensity workouts, and they’re trying to keep an entire pro-marathon industry afloat.

And just for the record, so far my less formed food ideas – that our body needs fat to be ok with weight loss, and to not crash diet – seem to be holding up. Still working out the kinks on that one.

Bear with me as I dive in and learn more. I’m the kind of person who needs to learn by research and thinking out loud. Thanks for being my sounding board.


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