My New Year’s Resolutions

My coworker has a white board outside her cubicle where she posts fun questions like: “What’s your theme song?” or “Best place to take a vacation?” (My answers were “Song 2” by Blur and Costa Rica). This week she asked what people’s New Year’s Resolutions were.

Without even thinking much about it, I posted “deadlift 300 lbs.”

I was as shocked as you are.

I usually hate New Year’s resolutions. Not because I don’t believe in them, I think it’s good to set goals for yourself. It’s just that January 1 is usually such a terrible time to start anything. You’re still recovering from the holidays, burned out from dealing with relatives, friends, parties, shopping, etc., and have all this extra food still stored away in your fridge that not even the homeless shelters would accept. It’s past the solstice and technically starting to get brighter again, but it’ll still be months before it’s light before 7am or after 5pm, at least around here.

However, right now I’m in a changing, transitioning mode. I got a new job, I finally completed a four-year project that should have taken two (but it’s DONE!), my marriage is back on track (more on that later), I have finally come to an understanding with my gluten intolerance, and I’ve been slowly making healthy changes but haven’t really fully committed to them.

So this seems like a good time to fully commit to something new. To put my energy into something for me. Even if it will be hard and it means I’ll have to give up watching hilarious-and-slightly-educational-but-mostly-trash TV from the UK (thank you Hulu Plus!).

Before I wrote that goal on her whiteboard, I’d already been thinking a little bit about what I wanted to tackle. Mostly broad stuff like exercise more, lose weight, pay off my student debt, that kind of thing.

But for whatever reason the most inspiring and motivating resolution for me was to see how much heavy stuff I could lift.

I am pretty promiscuous when it comes to what sorts of physical activities I do. I run, bike, rock climb, hike, kickbox, lift weights, ski, sled, do yoga, parkour, ice skating, soccer, Crossfit, and have even tried bike-joring with my dog (think skijoring but on a bike). Pretty much the only sport I have tried and didn’t get into was surfing (ironic since I grew up on the coast). I get bored with all of them unless I have a goal.

So this year I’m making a goal. Several actually. I’m getting very specific and giving myself a deadline. Which means I actually better get started on them before the new year. But rather than feeling like I’m already behind, I like the idea that I’m hitting the new year already running – and lifting and biking and eating healthy and gardening…

My 2012 New Year’s Goals:

  • Run a 5K and do well by January 21, 2012 (I’ve already signed up for this so there’s no getting out of it)
  • Pull the following weight by 12/12/12 (random date, just sounds cool):
  1. Deadlift 300 lbs (I’m currently at 205 lbs with 5 reps)
  2. Squat 200 lbs (currently 135 with 5 reps x3)
  3. Bench 100 lbs (already at 85 for 5 reps x3, I just wanted to round it out)
  • Bike the 3 miles to work 4 times a week
  • Hike in the Olympic Peninsula before April 1, 2012
  • Lose 25 lbs by 12/12/12, but hopefully sooner.
  • Obtain a side job that will help pay down my debt
  • Pay off my credit card debt and pay down my student debt substantially
  • Build that back deck I’ve been talking about doing for four years
  • Try again at growing that vegetable patch in the backyard

I also have one goal that doesn’t really fit with a lot of these other goals, but it’s important to me, one that I’ve been working on for two years and ultimately trumps all the others:

  • Get pregnant

If I can accomplish this one, several of the other goals will definitely take a back seat, and I’m more than ok with that. But I also spent half a year putting a lot of those fitness goals on hold “just in case” this goal came to pass. When it didn’t, and when I found out there was no way that it could have during that time period, I got seriously discouraged about everything – getting pregnant, getting fit, getting back on track with my life. So even though I know this time it’s possible to get pregnant, until I actually know I’m pregnant, I’m not putting myself or my goals on hold. There’s nothing on that list that would be life threatening to a 5-week old zygote, and nothing that I can’t stop or pull back on pretty easily if the above goal should occur. Being healthy and active will also make for a better pregnancy all around, or so I’ve been told.

So, those are my goals. Lift heavy stuff, get outside more, pay down debt. What are yours?


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