Holiday Party Fail

I should know by now that I just shouldn’t bother throwing parties. I have seriously bad party mojo. I’ve been cursed since I was late to my own New Years Eve party at 16 (my train ride home was delayed 8 hours). I’d say I’ve thrown two good parties since that night, three if you could my house warming where lots of people showed up but my dad and sister made complete drunken asses of themselves.

This year’s Christmas party was no exception. One person showed up. Seven usually reliable people RSVPed, and two were maybes, but only one showed up. One! WTF?

It wasn’t snowing, it wasn’t even raining. It was a week night, but that hasn’t stopped people before.

If my husband organizes it and invites the same people, they all show up. He’s thrown epic parties that have gone all night with two days’ notice. Me? Apparently not. Yes I have friends. Sure I’m a geek but not a total social pariah. I’ve got quite the geek flock. But apparently none of them are motivated enough to come to parties.

What am I supposed to do with enough soup and pears to feed a small army?


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