Eliminating crap from my diet

I’ve mentioned on this blog that I’ve officially gone gluten free. This has meant I have had to eliminate all wheat, and pretty much all rice from my diet (I don’t know why, but rice hates me. So be it). I can still have corn, potatoes, chick peas, and similar starches, so I definitely am not lacking there.

I also try to avoid sugar, although this time of year it’s pretty much impossible. I digest it ok, but too much of it gives me a headache.

I’m also finding I cannot handle certain alcohols, namely brandy and whiskey. Don’t know why, but those just dooooon’t sit well with me anymore. I probably just always overdo it with them.

I’m frankly getting pretty close to just eliminating alcohol from my diet entirely. I’m working (successfully!) on losing weight, and it’s really just empty calories I don’t need. Alcoholism also runs in my family, and considering I’m one of the last few responsible people in my family, I really don’t want to go down that road.

What have you given up in your diet that has changed your life for the better?

P.S.: Oh, and fully caffeinated coffee! Also cutting that out of my diet; I got waaaay too addicted and was downing six cups of free coffee a day (or more). I started getting the shakes, it was not pretty. Now, the most I’ll do now is half decaf, or full caffeine only if it’s mixed with steamed milk for a latte, and even then I’ll ask for decaf if I remember. Tea gives me plenty of oomph.


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