While digging through the “resources” pile at the top of the file cabinets at work, I came across a large yellow clip, and it immediately made me giddy. It was the exact same kind of metal wire wrapped in yellow insulation plastic that my mother used in our house for years to close up half-used bags of macaroni, cookies, and other delectables. My grandfather would use them to bind shut his bags of carrots in the fridge. She had them in all the primary colors, and I think my grandfather even had them in white.
I’m sure they have all worn out by now, or thrown out accidentally with the contents they had been trying to preserve but had unfortunately gone rotten.
This one I found in my office is also getting old, and has lost some of its clippiness. But I rescued it and have given it a nice home prominently displayed on my desk. Because it instills in me memories of childhood and home, and it makes me happy.


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