My own “wish” list

I wish you’d remember to get the oil changed.

I wish you’d remember to bring the trash bins in (after all, I took them out and they’ve been already sitting there for over a day because I asked you repeatedly to bring them in and I’m trying to not buckle and just do it myself).

I wish I didn’t have to call you (repeatedly) to make sure you’re awake in order to answer the door for the cable guy.

I wish you wouldn’t growl at me because I made something for myself for dinner that you don’t like, or I didn’t pick up the fruit you didn’t tell me you wanted, or I didn’t buy enough potato chips for the football party on Sunday.

I wish you would call to check in on me every once in awhile when I work late.

I wish you’d bring me chocolate or strawberries or flowers or something “just because” at least once a year.

I wish you’d think of me.


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