Mercurial men

Women have the reputation for being mercurial, moody, and changing their minds at the drop of a hat (especially if it’s their favorite hat brand and it’s on sale!).

But in my experience, it is men who don’t know want they want.

They want a tough girl who’s feminine who likes to play video games, bake, is independent and supports herself yet wants nothing more than to stay home and take care of you and her children. They want a woman who acts like a woman but thinks like a man. A mind-reader who knows when they’re hungry, tired, horny, need a hug or need space.

For their own lives they want to be young and free and irresponsible, yet make money doing something they love and being the CEO of a large successful company.

I sometimes wonder how many women’s “melt-downs” or “blow-ups” are really caused by men being undecisive and us finally losing our patience?


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