Why I avoid going to the doctor’s

I have been putting off a visit to my friendly neighborhood medical office because, well, for one thing I don’t have one. I have insurance, and I’ve lived in my city for a couple of years, but I don’t have a doctor I regularly go see. I’ve had several one-off doctors over the past decade, maybe one I’ve seen twice. It’s not because I like to mix it up with my medical records, it’s often been due to change of insurance, change of offices, or them sending me off to a specialist. I also have a lot of hang-ups around doctors. This self quandry as to why I’m putting off finding a new physician made me start thinking of a variety of reasons I avoid going to physicians and other medical types more than I avoid going to the dentist (yes, I’d rather go to the denist’s than go to the doctor’s):

Why I haven’t gone to the doctor’s yet:

Because it’s usually just as easy and cheaper to figure it out on my own, or Google it

Because I hate having to hunt for a new one every year, and have to explain my medical health history over and over and over

Because then I won’t get yelled at and told I’m wrong or unhealthy or “should have come in ages ago”

Because I hate admitting defeat or showing weakness, even to a physician

Because everybody has a biased opinion, and ego often trumps reason

Because most people go for the money signs, and in my experience, a doctor’s office is no different

Because nobody really listens to what I’m saying – I can count on one hand how many doctors, teachers, and even close relatives I’ve had that actually did

Because they always lose a file or my insurance card or need it done in triplicate

Because I hate having to fight to be treated like an actual person rather than just a missing document or file

Because I don’t have time to spend an hour (or more) out of my day scheduling, driving, finding parking, and waiting in first one beige room and then another, for only ten minutes of treatment and consultation

Because it feels safer not to ask for help


As you can see, I’ve got my own issues that keep me from going, but I think I have some pretty legitimate complaints too. I’d be curious to hear what your reasons are for not going.



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